Prom Limousine: Essential Things to Know Before Renting One

Prom Limousine: Essential Things to Know Before Renting One

You have the tuxedo or dress, the date as well as the hair and the makeup appointments. Now what is left to do is reserving the prom limousine. This is the best way to go for a lot of teenagers today. Using dad’s car or being driven by parents to get to high school’s most important social event is a thing of the past. And although some still would go by themselves, most students prefer being driven around in an elegant and luxury vehicle.

Renting a Prom Limo

Selecting the best transportation services in Commerce Street Springfield Virginia and DC for prom is as necessary as searching the best tux or dress. Apart from people in the prom watching the arrival of their classmates, parents will also have to know that their teenagers can get to the prom safely. Traveling can be stressful and proms are usually held in busy areas of the city.

There are a lot of factors to take into account before making a reservation with a limo company. Signing a contract without reading it or without researching your options can be very costly and can put a damper on your night.

  • Know what you can Afford – Whether you or your date will be on the limo alone or with some friends, you must decide first how much you can afford. The majority of rental companies will require a deposit through a credit card. A prom limo can cost you between $50 and $150 per hour. Prices vary depending on factors like.
    • Your location
    • Number of stops to be made and distance
    • Included amenities
    • Kind of vehicle
    • Amount of time that you plan to use the vehicle
  • Choose the vehicle wisely – When renting a limousine, there are things you have to remember.
    • Ask to see the driving record and driver’s license of the chauffeur.
    • Check out the vehicles of the company before you decide on one to ensure you get the model you pay for.
    • Get a signed contract. Usually, an adult should sign for car.
    • Ensure the limo company has appropriate insurance.
    • Inquire about the expected gratuity of the chauffeur.
  • Know about additional features. As with a wedding limousine in DC, a prom limousine can have a lot of features that include:
    • Professional chauffeur
    • Passenger privacy window
    • Television, stereo, DVD player
    • Lighted bar with amenities
    • Cellphone
    • Hot tub
    • Supple leather seating
    • Sun roofs

Benefits of Prom Limousines

A limo service can offer teenagers the opportunity to gather together at a classmate’s house as well as leave and arrive home at the same time. Often, the group of friends is together for the entire night. Somebody will be driving for them and even if they get tired that night, their limousine driver can get them home safely. Here are other benefits of a prom limo.

  • Make an Entrance – High school students consider prom as their rite of passage marking their first step toward independence. A limo service offers many affordable options to make the night special.
  • Avoid Stressing Over Details – Usually, prom is the biggest event for which high school students have ever planned. After finding their date and planning their outfit, they will worry about arrival times, parking and driving directions.
  • Flexible Scheduling – While a number of teenagers just need a limousine to take them to and from the prom, others are likely to choose to keep the vehicle on reserve to travel after parties or theaters. With A1 Limo & Tours, it will be easy for them to synchronize their schedules. Rather than calling their parents for their ride to and from several destinations, teenagers now can schedule their limousine service for up to ten hours.
  • Stay Safe All Night – Teenagers see their prom night as full of excitement and carefree. But, parents will be anxiously waiting for the arrival of their child. A limousine service alleviates parental concerns. With a professional service behind the wheel, a teenager can safely get to and from prom events on time.
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